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The Exclusive Quality

Siberian Vodka - From the Siberian Wilderness with its unspoiled nature, pure waters and excellent grains.

Siberian Vodka is based on the original receipe of vodka from the 19th century and preserve the long traditions of Russian Vodka.

Siberian Vodka is made only from first-class raw materials and is sold in a pratical bag-in-box and an attractive one litre bottle (in the shelves later 2008).

The Production

Siberian Vodka is produced under the highest quality standards.

Only the purest water and the best all-weather winter grains are used in the process. the final product has been distilled and filtered a number of times to ensure that it holds the perfect quality and taste.

The production process conforms with modern environmental procedures.

The carton of the bag-in-box also uses recycled materials.


Siberian Vodka Bag-In-Box

The bag-in-box is practical and economic substitute to the bottle.
It is storage efficient, dispenses easily and conveniently with a built-in handle and is environmental-friendly.

Siberian Vodka Bottle

Siberian Vodka now also comes in an attractive and classic bottle.
Look out for the bottle with the cool siberian bear and ice-blue screw cap.

The History of Vodka

Vodka is one of the most famous distilled alcohol beverages with more than 1000 years of history.

It has become a much loved and fashionable drink for millions of fans.

The term Vodka is an affectionate rendering of the Russian word Voda which means "dear little water".

Vodka is produced from various types of raw materials - such as grain and potatoes - which are fermented, distilled and filtered.

Water plays an important part in the concoction of vodka and a specific flavour is sometimes added.

Vodka in different forms had been part of Russian life and culture for sometime when great duke Ivan III Vasilevich imposed a state monopoly on the production and sale of Vodka at the end of the 15th century.

Ever since then Vodka has had major importance for the total income of the government.
And has consequently been a merchandise of strategic significance up to modern times.

The next big event in the history of vodka came around 1894 under the Russian Tsar Alexander III when native Siberian and chemist Dmitri Mendeleev introduced the national standard for vodka.

This standard remains lergely unchallenged up to the ideal volume and weight ratio of alcohol and water, and after 18 months of study he concluded that 38% alcohol by volume was the perfect percentage.
However, since spirits were taxed on strength, this percentage was rounded up to 40% to simplify calculations and to increase state income.

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